Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh happy day...

Sammy is now up to 48 lbs! He's completed two sets of training classes (oh, I guess we were being trained too). He's capable of breaking the sound barrier -- our eardrums, I guess they're called -- when someone comes home (me or Lisa). Samoyeds are very emotional dogs, which is why, I suppose, I really feel tied to him. Like me, it seems it's hard for him to conceal how he's feeling.

Lisa finally got her garden in, and I note that the rabbits are already taking out plants. *sigh*

I've been enjoying the rides to and from work, because the sun is out and those rare Ohio summer days are finally here.

In short, times aren't all that bad.

Consuming mass quantities of ...

Documentation on Sourceforge.net. Okay, I think I get it. It's not all that bad, just , given the amount of "spare" time I've had lately, a bit much. But it's out there:


Read the documentation on the site for more, but basically, it's not for GUI-clicking-lamers. Put your mouse aside if you're into any kind of shell-based heavy lifting, because BatchLogin will help a great deal when you're dealing with large-scale environments. I will be writing more now that I'm over this hump (I hope I hope I hope). Talk soon!