Monday, September 24, 2007

Russian Schools Convert to Linux by 2009

Let's hope our own educational system follows suit. The article on


Monday, September 17, 2007

Linux Freedom

Never cries. I've been pondering a lot about things to be thankful for lately. I have a lot -- I'm a grandfather as of last Wednesday. I have a fun job. My depression has long since ceased being something more than a nuisance in my life. Amazing stuff. Freedom Never cries:

The title reference is to a Five-For-Fighting tune that honestly didn't make a whole lot of sense the first time I listened to it. It has a way of growing on you, however. The album (Two Lights) is truly a work of art. It doesn't hurt that the guy is a fan of Mustangs -- He's even got a song on the album about his 65 mustang.

Probably my favorite song on the album, however, is a song about life called "The Riddle". It's a very complicated tune (reminds me of the song 100 years, if you've ever heard it). The riddle, "there's a reason for the world", is about life -- about why this world exists (for us to be together) and why love and community are so important.

So we're full circle ;) Back to Linux. The community is getting together soon in Ohio.

See ya there! -=FeriCyde=-