Monday, October 02, 2006

The post-OLF Blues return (sort of)


This year was way more fun than last year. I think I was prepared as much as possible, I didn't have to speak, and that meant I could just attend and have a good time.

Except I got volunteered to do the A/V coordination and announce ballroom 3 speakers (fine by me, I'm a ham ;) -- didn't slow me down or limit me at all, actually. I had to say that Rich Bowen still somehow manages to 'learn' me more about apache, every time I see him talk.

Second one was the Novell desktop guy -- but I'm being somewhat opinionated here -- almost all of the talks were extremely good.

Go next year if you didn't get to do this one -- it's going to be bigger and better if history is any kind of indicator. More about this as time permits (work work work;)


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