Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ohio Linux Fest 2007!

You read that right, we're planning the OLF, and it's gonna be the best Linux Fest ever, near as I can tell.

I think we've hit critical mass, as far as an event can go. If it's anything like last year, and you're a Linux Geek, you're gonna be sorely disappointed if you don't get to go. Watch this space for announcements (and of course,!).

What is Ohio Linux Fest? The best Linux geek party you can imagine. Imagine a community event that makes trade shows look droll and boring. Mainly because most trade shows are droll and boring, that's not all that hard. It's got trade show like stuff going on, but mostly it's got stuff going on that focuses on things only a Linux geek could love -- talks about technology, tech celebrities, parties. You can't imagine, so don't -- just go to the event.

It's a ways off (don't panic!) -- September 29th, mark the day!

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