Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Goggles


I was sitting down chatting with my Aunt and Uncle over the weekend and they were asking about features of the Android phone I'm using -- and I had recently loaded google goggles -- and hadn't tried it.

Sitting in front of me is a picture on the wall. My Aunt says something like "That picture is so old, it probably won't recognize it."

Well, conversely, that's not exactly the case -- stuff that's been around a lot, it did really well on. It instantly recognized (and brought up several links related to) a Norman Rockwell painting on a nearby calendar. It recognized a DVD I had brought over to watch with them. It was darn impressive, actually.

If you have a 'droid -- you need to try this thing. It's supposed to someday recognize plants from their leaves, and is supposed to recognize bar-code (it failed, unfortunately, at that task ever time I tried it).

Entertaining at least! Give it a whirl:
Google Goggles

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Adam Hay said...

Yeah, pretty cool.

I've had a decent amount of luck w/ bar codes actually, but it is kind of hit or miss. There was something kind of satisfying about pulling out my Droid, taking a flash picture of the UPCs of headphones, and having Goggles show me exactly how bad the Apple store rips you off on third party accessories when I was there buying my new Shuffle...

Seems to have a lot of potential moving forward once their image DBs get more robust.