Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, it's another year. This will be an interesting year. If things stay somewhat stable in my life, I'll be very happy.

Spent the better part of new years day talking with my brother Art. Art and I are pretty close these days, which is amazing, because growing up, and until slightly after we graduated high school, we were more like arch enemies than friends. Laughing new years day, because he was telling one of his daughters that she would someday be friends with her little brother (She wasn't buying it, and probably I wouldn't have either, if you could go back to that time and tell me).

Funny how these things happen.

One of the funniest things is how much alike we are for stuff that's clearly built "into the ROM" (ROM in computer speak is "read only memory", meaning stuff that's baked into our character before we're born). For example, playing solitaire, which he's never seen me do, he clearly pointed out that I had not stacked the cards a particular, anal-retentitve way, just before the game ended. This was FreeCell, by the way, which we both enjoy.

In Linux, when the game nears the end, you can just get the cards sorted out, or you can stack them neatly in their respective 4 king piles -- and for some stupid reason that I can't explain, I like to do this, even though the number of extra moves can be somewhat tedious (okay, we're talking a computer game here -- probably about 10 extra mouse moves, big frickin' deal). Art and I do this instinctively -- even though we've never played the game in front of each other until the other day, that is.

It would be kind of silly, if it weren't for all the other stuff that's very similar. Other experiences with my adopted son lead me to believe that the whole nature versus nurture debate has some grounding more in the nature side than I would have wanted to believe. Such is complex life...

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dinotrac said...

Good to see some smile to your style.

2006 is bound to be a great year, if only because the digits add up to 8. Who could not like 8?

Year's looking OK for me. Just had my birthday (very very old), got a nifty new Bosch Miter saw, and discovered a nearby place that sells salvaged and surplus building materials.

Nothing like power tools to connect you with your inner testosterone- crazed, loud-grunting, "Oh yeah!" shouting red-blooded male side.