Monday, March 05, 2007

Good Signs!

Dad and I went to the Cleveland auto show Saturday, and determined that the show has turned about as droll as we've seen it in a long time. But we still had a good time, some steak, some ice cream and some wine. Good signs -- Dad, if you're reading, we're on for as many years of this as you can stand ;)

I just started my new job -- and it's my birthday (yippee). I consider this a good sign -- and a hell of good birthday gift. 44th year on the planet, I'm more me today than I was last year, thanks to some really difficult waters and some unexpected (and unwanted) learning experiences. Regardless of this, I have to say I have few regrets in life.


Life has dealt me some seriously weird blows lately. Besides the usual FeriCyde insanity, that is ... If you could ever use the word "usual" and my persona in the same sentence ... Getting some things off my chest, which, as cathartic as you might hope it would be, turned out to be extremely difficult on the execution front. I am truly blessed with some really good friends. I wish I understood the context for why things happen the way they do -- all I can say is that someday, all of this will make sense.

All of this, as disjointed as it may seem, is not complaining. It's mostly good, in other words.

To my dear friends and the angels in my life: Thank you for the most awesome birthday gifts...

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dinotrac said...

Been a while since I came by.

Congrats on life is good and job looks good.

Congrats on being 44 and not 6 under.