Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shfting Gears

Spoiler: This post is not about cars...

Some people would argue that there is a fine line between insanity and creativity. I take issue with that statement -- there is no line.

Speaking directly to the creativity part, I'm about to unleash a series of articles (two series, actually). One series is technical and all about what I've been all about for the past couple of years -- Package Management Framework (PMF). PMF speaks directly to the way that enterprise-class environments are managed. It's a philosophy that embraces automation and aligns it with Change Management procedures that inevitably exist in large-scale environments. It speaks directly to the work and I'll be providing articles and coding examples to back it up.

The second series will be on Ohio Linux Fest -- specifically how to roll your own. This series will likely make its way to LXer.com (editors of LXer, you've had your warning! ;).

Yes, I'm enjoying my new job. Some of my most creative moments are coming online, let me tell you.

Till then!

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