Friday, October 21, 2005

Dvorak strikes again with his usual ...


Not even going to provide the link. One day he's pointing out the conflict of interest that Microsoft's new anti-virus software is providing -- next day he's claiming that there's a pro-Apple media bias since most media people supposedly use Macs.

What bullcrap. The media, if it's pro-anything, is pro-dollars. That means that it hasn't now and anytime in the foreseeable future, ever going to get the Microsoft story straight. The story that's not being told? That Microsoft's software, at one of our most precariously balanced times in history, has left Millions of American households in the most insecure states imaginable.

That PCs have become insecurable -- even by tech experts like Dvorak (he readily admits getting viruses in the first example that I'm not linking to), there's an untold story.

If they were doing their jobs, and not so afraid of losing Microsoft advertising dollars (They being editors, ad sales staff and the people controlling the company purse strings at the top) -- they might allow the truth to be broadcast.

And the truth is that Microsoft's products are woefully inadequate from a security perspective for your average user today. That story should be broadcast over and over until we see a digitally diverse landscape (Imagine something like 30% Apple, 20% Linux, 40% Microsoft and the remainder something new -- hard to imagine, isn't it). Until then, we're screwed.

So much for media balance. As for it being pro-Apple, Dvorak, please share those mushrooms next time.

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