Thursday, October 27, 2005

Microsoft takes aim at it's own Navel again!

See: . But I gotta question -- just how many times does some dopey member of the press have to parrot an executive's navel gazing? Don't even bother reading the article, Microsoft doesn't have a chance of unseating Google. They regularly report that they're going to do this, and regularly reality comes back and bites them in the kajones -- Microsoft may as well announce that they're going to get the sun to set in the East.

What about the supposedly objective, unbiased press in this context?

And this is the BBC. Give me a frickin' break. This is a thinly veiled press release, and shouldn't be posted as news anywhere. At best, it should be referenced in the "smoke" section on Microsoft's own web site, then at least we'd be able to categorize it for what it is.

Not that I'm opinionated on the subject, or anything ;)

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