Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Douglas Adams rides again (sort of)

The hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is about to make new rounds as a "new" movie! As a huge Douglas Adams fan, I can only hope that they haven't ruined it. What I've really wanted to see though is a Dirk Gently series -- the first book would make an awesome movie (even if they did try, without success, to make a Doctor Who episode out of it).

If you do get a chance to read this series though, I have to comment that Douglas really saved the best for last -- the final book "Mostly Harmless" stands alone as one of the best descriptions of quantum reality there is -- and it's funny as all hell to boot. It might take a few times through (read: multiple readings) to even make sense of what's going on. I know I laughed through it so much that I had to read it a second time so I could pick up the real plot line. It's a gas that he could create great science fiction and something hilarious at the same time.

And I miss him -- even though I never met the guy -- the world lost a dear soul when Douglas cashed out in 2001 :(

Guess I'll have to settle for this for now ;)

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