Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Well, the pooch gets named Samson. Sammy. "The Yap-o-Matic" is the non-official title for now ;) Jet has been seen in full lurk/charge mode on the pup, which drew a last minute abort and diversion in course down the hallway. The mental picture I had of what Jet was probably thinking was "Abort! Abort Mission! Strange object does not respond to normal posturing commands!". The sad thing is the dog is constantly trying to play with Jet (and squeak). *sigh* they just don't speak the same gaming protocol.

Anyway, he's survived over a week here -- but we're another story. I get maybe 2 hours of un-interrupted sleep a night. Lisa and I have been swapping night duty with the dog and it's taken its toll.

But he's worth it :-)

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