Sunday, February 27, 2005

Free and Broadcasting in Las Vegas

Second times a charm -- just was on the PC Chat Show (The Linux Zone) for the second time. It's real radio, in Phoenix, no less. I find that one of the problems being induced by licensing, the bleed-over of free software onto proprietary systems and so on -- it's hard to talk about Linux and Free Software without mentioning that it does wonders for proprietary systems.

There's probably an article in there somewhere.

Regardless, I did a stint of internet radio broadcasting for (now Jupiter Media) in 1999. Ziff Davis gave us a really nice square of floor space and we setup our booth and computers. It was strictly to market LinuxToday and the channels sites. It was co-branded for ZD and we had a blast. Dwight Johnson coordinated a bunch of interviews, I ran the technical side of things (no small matter -- shoutcast was a rather testy thing in those days) and Emmett (the) Plant did the DJ/Announcer/Interviewer gig.

And we lost a bundle. Yeah, excess bandwidth charges and all, it was a dismal failure -- even though we'd been given the floor space. But man was it a ton of fun.

The PC Chat Zone is a traditional radio show and I'm still getting my bearings on what to say -- it took me a bit to decide how internet commentary was done so I'm sure I can wrestle something interesting here too. We'll see. This show was about FireFox (thumbnail sketch) and what a great piece of code it's turned into.

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