Monday, November 14, 2005

I awoke this morning from a glorious

4 to 5 hours of sleep.

I know what you're thinking -- that's terrible! Only 4 hours?!? No, I was ecstatic. This is the most contiguous sleep I've had in weeks. I'm not sure totally why, but I have my theories.

I'm starting to heal, I hope. In the mean time, let's pause for a commercial break:

Attention Crazy Bloggers!

Turn your neurosis into cash! Join the millions of pointless bloggers and put Google ad-sense ads on your on-line diary where you're brain-dumping your problems in the somewhat cathartic attempt to heal your soul! If you're really lucky, maybe you're an incurable nut-case, in which case you might end up a bazillion-aire!

But you're damned to a life of poverty if you get cured this way. Buck up kid, in one state you're rich and the other sane! It's not a bad set of choices!

We now return you to your irregularly scheduled FeriCyde Chat! Enjoy!

God, I hate commercial interruptions.

Anyway, as I was saying, I think I'm getting a bead of the names of some of these things that haunt me. I'm also planning on getting help, so those of you who are writing me worried that you will either A) Never hear me rant about Linux again, or B) Never see me sane on the planet Earth -- you can stop it. I'm not in that bad a state. I mean, last week wasn't really bad or I would not have gotten two articles out of the stream of consciousness (gale of FeriCyde insanity, it's called around here).

And always remember, sanity is for the weak-minded lackeys that have always believed the lie that everything on this stupid planet makes sense in some really pathetic way. Look around you to any caring depth -- you're going to spend a lot of time painfully viewing things that are either causing pain for others or for yourself.

I sincerely think that part of Mark's problem was that he was such a caring guy. I don't know the names of his demons, but my guess is that they wouldn't have gone after him with such ferocity had he been some sort of blank-minded ape.

Enough of this, I have to get into work again. It feels good to have slept for so long uninterrupted. Thanks to everyone who's praying for me -- I'm blessed, so much, by you all...
PS: Comments on this blog are moderated. If you have anything to say that's worth saying, I'll gladly post it.

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