Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Okay, 3 hours. Not exactly a record...

But, It's going to have to do today.

Yesterday was pretty bleak.

The word for today is deliverance. Can you say that? I thought you could.

The soundtrack for today's blog entry is Sara MacLachLan's "Arms of the Angels":

I need some distraction or a beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
Let me be empty and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

In the arms of the Angel far away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the Angel; may you find some comfort here

I know I have angels in my life. I can feel them around me from time to time, and some of them have human faces.

The deliverance I speak of -- what is it? Deliverance is a phase of exorcism that involves others praying for the possessed one while the demon is removed. It follows the pretext -- the phase where the demons are identified. I am in deliverance now. This is potentially a turning -- we'll see.

Am I making progress? I think so. I know recently I felt vacated -- that something had left and that I was winning, but things were back with a vengance the next day. There is biblical context for this as well -- once cast out, the demons can sometimes come back with reinforcements.

Sounds bleak, but let's take another look at it -- there must have been some serious ass-kicking or they wouldn't have had to come back with friends, now would they?

It is a small victory.
--Score 1 for FeriCyde...

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