Saturday, November 26, 2005


7 hours total?!? 5.5 hours uninterrupted? I keep this up, I might actually cut back on my caffeine intake.

Well.... Let's not go too far.

It's nice to have somewhat coherent thought patterns. I mean, I could actually enjoy the morning, and I went... Shopping (GRIN_MODE=1). Actually, shopping isn't quite what I do -- I make a list of stuff I want, and then I go looking for it. Usually I find it and buy it within a matter of hours.

This contrasted with what /dev/wife calls "shopping", which is from what I see, and inverted scavenger hunt. The idea is, step into a few stores, looking for stuff that you might like (go in with a blank slate, in other words). I think most women would concur -- that's "shopping" in the strictest sense.

Heading out for a trip, and I needed some stuff, and decided to stock up on some things that I keep running out of... I have a surprisingly bland wardrobe for a guy that claims to be creative, but you have to understand, most of the creative FeriCyde stuff is what comes out, not what goes on (the body).

Speaking of which, I've had a hell of a time lately reading my favorite news sites. I'm simply in a sort of mental repair -- my soul went through a meat grinder recently and what's come out is surprisingly liberated in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, there are some major differences:

  • I can't watch visual inputs (television, video games, movies) that annoy me. I used to be able to tolerate the stuff, but now it brings on a spiritual revulsion that's seriously hard to categorize.
  • I feel emotionally raw at times. Church is a heck of an experience of late, for example -- very much more emotional than before.
  • Other experiences are very unimpeded. I can't go into details without fogging the screen up. It's not all bad, in other words...
  • I have a surprisingly low tolerance for things that I feel are cruel or stupid. This lines up with the first observation, only from a participation side.
In short, a sort of rebirth has occurred. Possibly the thing I've been through was needed for me to grow -- although it hurt quite a bit while it was happening, it might have been some needed emotional blockage working it's way out of my system.

Again I have to thank the angels in my life (you know who you are). God Bless you all.

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