Saturday, January 15, 2005

The clue-train manifesto strikes again!

Doc Searls and company are probably smugly smacking themselves on the back after this post by Richard Koman at onlamp. I agree whole-heartedly with Richard, but he should take the wayback to 1999, and read what Doc and company had to say regarding how the Internet is changing marketplaces.

For what it's worth, Doc once chided me (correctly) for not starting a blog. And when I finally got around to be motivated enough to do it, I couldn't. What I have to say is often, um, controversial in some business circles -- I had to get approval from my place of employment. Well, it's here now :), so I guess it all works out in the end.

What Doc and others were was saying in a nutshell back in 1999 was this: The Internet is fundamentally changing markets. Those that don't find a way to interact with the new dynamics of more direct market feedback, spawned by web forums, email and the like, are destined to the scrap heap. Read the article referenced here, and see if it's not saying exactly the same thing (about news reporting).

I recommend you go and buy the book from Amazon -- it's out of print, at the moment, sadly ... You'll have to get a used copy. Don't despair though, Doc's still talking away. Take it from me, he's a terrific person, who will always make you think. I should also note that he was there when it counted at one of the roughest points in my life.


richard said...

Yes, props to Doc. Destiny and scrapheap are Big Words. It will take a long time for CBS to join the scrapheap in my opinion. On the other hand, printed newspapers could become an anachronism in our lifetimes. But that hardly means that MSM is dead -- look at the exciting work the Greenboro News-Record is doing. There is hope. Open source journalism offers that hope.

Doc said...

Cluetrain was mostly an effort to say out loud a bunch of obvious (to us) things the mainstream media weren't saying.

We weren't alone then, and we've certainly got company now.

And y'know, if we all keep carrying on, and putting the Truth out there (even if we're not sure what the hell it is yet), it all plays out and pays off.

Great to see ya bloggin, big guy!