Friday, January 14, 2005

An Ode to Matt Smith

Matt Smith, how can I describe the guy? There isn't enough space here to describe everything crazy, cool or deliberately annoying about the man, the phenomena, the psychotic legend that he is, and yet, what's mostly amazing is that he's not even 25 yet.

This is kinda impressive, given that his age is not that far from the number of years I've been working in this world. :)

Anyway, I wrote this shell script to replace him, called

# Script to replace the tool
case $(echo ${RANDOM} |cut -c2-2) in
        [1]) echo I\'m all about that! ;;
        [234]) echo You\'re such a tool!;;
        [56]) echo Don\'t be hatin!;;
        [78]) echo I\'m going to beat you!;;
        [90]) echo No!  You\'re the tool!;;
Truth is, though, nothing can really replace the guy. This is meant in jest and simply to be funny, but the truth is that, Matt, we all miss you. I hope those guys at Eaton are taking good care of you!

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