Sunday, January 16, 2005

When I wake up, some dream I made up, No I guess it's Reality --
Sponge: plowed

The wayback machine gets activated at Groklaw :) Journalism seems to be the hot topic of the day -- yesterday I talk about the melt-down at CBS and today we talk about the ethics of telling the truth while reporting the news. How about all that feedback that you see on the web, and how relevant feedback (honest, relevant feedback) does so much for outing the truth.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes this new order (meet the new boss, same as the old boss). This new order, blogs, public feedback and so on, it's much harder to control (like democracy was when it first emerged). So, say you're some big, bloated monopoly, and you can't stand how easy it is to find the truth on the web. What to do? You hire a PR firm (Wagon-Wheel-Egg-Storm, anyone?) and you pay them to plant bogus feedback in editorial pages, to congressman -- maybe you go a bit further than that. But of course, this stuff is all hard to prove so we don't really know just how much further it has gone.

But we can easily connect the dots now, can't we :)

Regardless, Pamela Jones tells the truth: -- "No, Virginia. Actually, There Is No Santa Claus, 09:19 PM".

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