Friday, January 28, 2005

The usual pre-article insanity

Working on the technical side of things, and a future article that will resemble one of my old lampooning styles on LinuxToady and LinuxPlanet (don't want to give too much away, but the folks at Wagon-Wheel Eggstorm need to set tremble-mode up a notch or two ;).

Someone suggested I turn a post on into an article for another news site, and I'm looking into that as well. I'm going to be on the PC Chat Show. Should be a lot of fun -- I'll keep you posted.

The whole open source thing has heated up to a frenzied action -- IBM and Sun doing the dueling patent thing. Linux making inroads in governments. It's all happening at such a frenzied pace right now and showing literally no signs of abatement. When your Dad calls you to read you an article from Business Week (yeah, I know -- we all got that same article a week ago from the Internet, but you gotta cut him some slack) you know that mainstream Free Software and Linux are making serious inroads.
--FeriCyde (is on your side)

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