Thursday, January 13, 2005

The fast-forward button is down again

Way, way way too much going on...

Couple of articles in queue. Some potential audio insanity.

Trying to buy a decent digital camera -- can't order it from Office Depot -- their site, even though it's on-line, is infuriating to operate. It asks for your zip code, and then says things like "out of stock in your area". I actually called these people and asked just what the hell was the idea of them having an on-line store-front (I mean, this whole thing with the Internet as a concept has _something_ to do with non-localization -- you can buy things _from_ anywhere and have them ship _to_ anywhere -- anytime -- right?!?!). Not Office Depot. There you have to check local availability, and then it's shipped (if I'm to believe them) from that store's distribution center to you. Right. Maybe they should have you fax your order in instead. Or use a telegraph and Morse code.

Building a PC for a friend -- from walmart on-line. $215 bucks to the door. It has Zandros pre-loaded. I was shocked at how easy it was to setup. The computer itself is actually a steal at that price.

I'll be giving him a used monitor I've had for several years. I'm thinking of just leaving the Zandros -- initially I was going to load Fedora RC3, but I'm wondering now if that's going to be an improvement over what he has, as the closer it is to stock, the easier it will be for him to get support for it if I'm out of town/working/sleeping/eating.

This guy is part of my community, and I've taken up his cause (at least the tech support side :).

And there's more, but no time to tell you about it all. You'll see the results in articles on LXer early next week...

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