Wednesday, January 05, 2005

We don't get fooled again...

In response to certain misconceptions about the shell, I've created this article on Joe Brockmeier had some things to say about bash in the cotext of Microsofts' new shell (MSH). While the new shell sounds neat, as usual, Microsoft (and industry people that should know better) are missing the entire point of things like POSIX shell interoperability.

I have a simple suggestion for Microsoft -- how about they join the community and add the new functionality they're planning for MSH into something like Bash? This, instead of attempting to reinvent the wheel (another square wheel is born, my prediction). How many stupid attempts to they have to make at automation, network interoperability and so on before the world catches on to the fact that for enterprise and Microsoft in general, the CLUEMETER is pointing into the sub-zero range?

And this one isn't even off the ground yet -- it's a part of an operating system that's not going to rear it's ugly head for at least 2 years?!?

Nice, I can smell the vapor from here. How about they lay of the smack for a while and join the real world where people are already solving problems with real software, right now? That'd be nice, but I know I'm wishing for big things here.

I want a pony while I'm at it.

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